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GenTran 3028 8-Circuit 30 Amp Transfer Switch For Up To 7500-Watt Generators

GenTran 3028 8-Circuit 30 Amp Transfer Switch For Up To 7500-Watt Generators

  • 30-amp 8-circuit transfer switch for use with up to 7,500-watt generator
  • Powers up essential circuits using 5,000-watt generator during a power outage or emergency
  • Accommodates 8 to 10 household circuits
  • Can be expanded to up to 10 circuits using standard circuit breakers
  • 2-year limited warranty

The GenTran 30 Amp 8-circuit transfer switch for up to 7,500-watt generators includes everything you'll need to install a generator transfer switch for safe, convenient portable generator hookup. Power up your essential circuits using a 5,000-watt generator (continuous watts) during a power outage or emergency. It accommodates 8-to-10 household circuits like your furnace blower (gas only), refrigerator and kitchen circuits, well pump, lights, and television. If your needs change, your installer can easily expand this transfer switch to up to ten circuits just by adding more circuit breakers. The enclosure can be surface mounted indoors, and allows hardwired or plug-in generator connections. Because it was designed with off-the-shelf circuit breakers you don't have to search high and low for replacements, and your installer can reconfigure the breaker combinations to suit your family's needs. This transfer switch includes a L14-30 male power inlet and a dual watt meters to help you balance generator loads to prolong generator life. The kit comes with two 15 Amp 1-pole breakers, two 20 Amp 1-pole breakers, one 2-pole 20 Amp breaker, and one 2-pole 30 Amp breaker. A 60 Amp 2-pole main breaker is required in existing load center (not included). This kit comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

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