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Turbo Klone T24 Plant Cloning and Propagation System

Turbo Klone T24 Plant Cloning and Propagation System


The TurboKlone Revolution gives you what other clone machines on the market aren't giving you.

SITES: Why have less when you can have more? TurboKlone gives you up to 60% more sites in the same amount of space than other machines. Why pay more when you can pay less? It'll cost you just $6.25 per site with the T48 and nearly $10.40 per site for a machine of similar size.
STRUCTURE/CLEANING: Instead of having flat walls like a Tupperware tub, the TurboKlone is curvy and has rounded edges giving you a stronger, more durable product. Bonus! Those sexy curves also let you clean the system quickly and easily. You don't have to worry about unwanted root-killing bacteria hanging around in tight corners.

CONVENIENCE/FUNCTIONALITY: Each Klone site has a finger recess that makes it easy to remove and replace Klone Collars. And we've taken the guess-work out of water measurements by adding a fill-line inside the tub so you always know how much H2O you need to add. You're welcome!
CONTROL/OPTIONS: Seems like there are two camps when it comes to using a humidity dome: some say it isn't necessary, others say they wouldn't clone without it - especially in the first five days. We let you make the call. You can purchase our cloning systems with-or-without a humidity dome. And if you have buyers remorse, you can always buy the dome by itself later. It's nice to be in charge!

SIZE: Waste not, want not. Especially when it comes to space. The TurboKlone has a dimensional footprint equal-to if not less-than other machines. BUT in that same amount of space, you get way more klone sites!

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