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Herco H-55 Pond Coating - One Gallon - Clear

Herco H-55 Pond Coating - One Gallon - Clear

  • Easy-to-apply environmentally-friendly coating for concrete, brick or block ponds. Eliminates the problems associated with new pond construction.
  • 100% Fish-Safe product with high elongation, excellent adhesion, and durability. Fast curing and easy to apply with a roller or brush.
  • Herco H-55 seals off concrete pores, providing an inert environment for your fish and promoting healthy algae growth.
  • Herco coating is economical to use and long lasting. One gallon of Herco H-55 Coating covers approximately 80 to 100 square feet.
  • Instant pH stabilization. Easy to apply with brush or roller. Gallon size can. Professional results every time!

HERCO Pond Coating is formulated and manufactured by Hecht Rubber Corporation specifically for coating, sealing and leak-proofing fish ponds. The elastomeric nature of the coating allows for shifting of the substrate, such as may occur during seasonal changes. We recommend using our cleaner and primer products (not included) for surface preparation before applying coating.

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