Sabtu, 04 Mei 2013

Savio 18W Uvinex Clarifier

Savio 18W Uvinex Clarifier

  • Eliminates Green Pond Water
  • For use inside Savio Compact Skimmer
  • For ponds up to 2500 gallons
  • Maximum pump flow rate is 2000 Gallons Per Hour

Savio 18 Watt UVinex Savio's 2nd-Generation UV Clarifier is the latest breakthrough in coated-bulb technology - UVinexTM from Savio. This sleek new design is virtually maintenance free. Simply wipe the bulb clean with a damp rag to restore its effectiveness, and you're ready to remove algae, again - the chemical-free way. It's modular design allows for easy installation. Plus, its integrated approach is easy to maintain, and costs less than a separate standalone component. The Savio 18 Watt UVinexTM works unobtrusively inside the Savio COMPACT Skimmerfilter� 24 hours a day, and is sized according to the gallons in your pond. NOT FOR USE in a STAND-ALONE application. For the installation of the UVinex in a 2006 or older Savio COMPACT Skimmerfilter a retrofit part #RC111 is needed.

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